Still Looking for Fundraising Ideas?

#1 Service Auction – gather community/congregation together for an auction. Students prepare things/services they can offer/sell at auction, like: lawn-mowing or other yard care services; grocery shopping (the task, not the cost); babysitting; housecleaning; dog walking; a lesson in hip-hop or swing dance; batch of chocolate chip cookies; a basic lesson in web design, Facebook or blogging; an internet beginner’s course; a day-in-the-life-of a student (e.g. on a Saturday); aerobic exercise lesson. Make little paddles with numbers for auction participants.

#2 Parents Night Out – parents can drop their kids off at the church for a night out. The youth group members plan activities and snacks for the kids. Can either be donation based or an amount per child.

#3 Flower Sale – youth group sells Easter Lilies (or another flower to fit the season: tulips, poinsettias, etc.) in memory of loved ones. The flowers are used to decorate the sanctuary and then those that purchased them take them home.

#4 Chili Cook Off – Anyone can enter a chili for the competition! Sell tickets ahead of time and give each person a few tickets to vote for their favorite chili. The winner can receive a prize and the title of the Chili Cook Off Champion.

#5 Wall of Money – Set up a display of envelopes numbered 1 – 100. People choose an envelope and put that amount of money into the envelope. ($1 into the envelope with a #1 on the front . . . $54 in the envelope with #54 on it . . .). The students can decorate the envelopes and put instructions/thank you inside each one. Students can even leave prayer requests for the trip inside the envelopes so that people can partner with them in that way too!

#6 RECYCLE – Collect cans and bottles to recycle and receive the deposit. Look into setting up bags for collecting at your church, school or sporting events. Ask friends, neighbors and family too!

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