God’s love for creation and the arts can be seen in students who have a passion for design, drawing, music, photography, acting, video and more. These students will spend their time exploring, expressing and living out their passion of being artistic. They will learn the value of becoming co-creators alongside the Creator of the universe. Participants will have opportunities to work with a wide range of artists in order to enhance their God-given talents and learn how to use these gifts for the glory of Christ.


Students who love to work with their hands and focus on accomplishing projects are such a blessing. While spending time fixing and building things, students will go beyond the joy of accomplishment to learn how they can express the love and joy of God to people in local communities and beyond through their skills. Participants will give of themselves to support a greater cause and serve alongside others on various projects and restorative mission work for those in need.


Students with the natural gift of leadership can have such a positive impact on their peers if they use it for the glory of God. These students will grow as leaders while being challenged to discover what God wants from them. Through group discussions, activities, prayer and practicing of spiritual disciplines, they will also grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.  Most importantly, students will learn how to express to others their story and how it fits into God’s story.


So many students have a love for athletics and spend their school year being part of a team. Through a variety of sports and activities, participants will explore ways to contribute to their teams while playing the roles of game officials, coaches, captains and players. Learning to honor the game, one’s opponent and ultimately our Lord, students will be challenged to win with grace and lose with honor. Participants will also explore the joy of serving others as athletes and as members of a team.