[one_half_last]JARROD JONES

Only minutes into his presentation, you’ll discover that Jarrod Jones stands out from the rest. Jarrod’s passionate delivery commands attention and leaves listeners riveted, often realizing that God is speaking to them to make a change in their life. Jarrod is a former NCAA basketball player, a pastor at Grace Community Church in New York and author of The Backward Life: Loving the God You’re Made For, Living the Life You’re Meant For.[/one_half_last]


[one_half_last]JOLENE DEHEER

Jolene is one of the freshest motivational and inspirational speakers available today. Her dynamic life stories and practical insights move her audiences from gut-busting laughter to heart-felt tears. Blessed with authenticity and sincerity, DeHeer motivates, inspires, encourages, entertains and touches lives and hearts forever. Jolene has years of experience as a writer and speaker and has worked with Christian organizations across the globe.[/one_half_last]


[one_half_last]ADAM LOCKER

Having gone from playing on the streets of New York City to being an opening act for Jars of Clay, Adam has acquired a strong voice and passionate melodies that make him an artist you won’t soon forget. Locker started singing and performing with his grandmother at just five years old. That experience, along with an instilled love for music, has made Adam into the artist that he is. Locker has traveled throughout the world sharing his music and leading groups in heart-felt worship.[/one_half_last]