Youth Unlimited Magazine

The Youth Unlimited Magazine is a triannual publication that is intentional about showcasing and informing today’s youth worker of Youth Unlimited’s faith-forming experiences and ministry efforts. From pre-trip preparation to post-trip follow-up, each issue will include articles and stories that will be helpful in maximizing the impact of your trip with students. We know youth culture is fast paced and always changing. Therefore, Youth Unlimited strives to offer relevant and life changing opportunities to those building lasting community with students through multi-day experiences.

What makes the Youth Unlimited Magazine unique?

  • Helpful articles written by youth workers, students, event planners, pastors and others from all across North America.
  • A focus on multi-day faith-forming experiences for students grades 6–12
  • Highlights ministries and organizations helpful to leaders ministering to students
  • Promotes Christ-centered, faith-forming experiences for students by an organization with over 90 years of experience and a rich reformed history

Dear Youth Unlimited Magazine

Are you perusing the latest Youth Unlimited publication and thinking “Wow, I would love to comment on this?” Or maybe you just feel like telling us what you had for breakfast. Either way, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message with your thoughts, comments or interest in writing and we’ll respond as soon as we can.