Full Compass 21 Experience:

With the help of a facilitator, your students, youth leaders, parents and pastors will openly communicate, set goals and come up with an intentional direction that fits your unique youth ministry. Together, your team will walk away with a range of Biblical action-oriented goals that are believable, achievable and measurable.

Cost: $2,500 for up to 12 hour of in-person facilitation and up to 3 months follow-up

Goal: 2-4 Action Oriented Visionary Goals personalize for your context of ministry

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Mini-Compass 21 Experience:

Same experience as the Full Compass 21 but on a larger scale. A Mini-Compass 21 is a one-day multi-church experience where each participating church will walk away with one action oriented goal.

Cost: $1,000 plus travel expenses and in-person facilitating for one day

Goal: one personalize action oriented goal for each church participating

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Personal Compass 21:

A personal self evaluation on your personal ministry and vision statement based on five biblical principles. After going through the evaluation process you will walk away with a concrete, action oriented mission statement.

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