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SERVE Mission Trips

SERVE is not just a week-long youth mission trip. It’s about a transformation that lasts a lifetime!

SERVE Youth Mission Trips

Mission trips and other faith-forming experiences are proven to be the #1 way to keep teens active in the church and growing in their faith. SERVE youth mission experiences are all-inclusive, five to seven-day trips for middle or high school age students. The students go into the community to care for and restore their world in an environment where they’ll encounter the concepts of justice and missional living. More than just a short trip, SERVE is a faith-forming experience where the communities, congregations and students involved all experience lasting transformation.

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“How wonderful would it be if all teenagers at some point during their high school years could travel on a SERVE mission trip and get a clearer understanding of God’s purpose for their life sooner, rather than later?”

Youth Leader

“SERVE started a momentum in our congregation that is like a mini revival. I’ll have to determine how to make the most of it throughout the rest of the year.”

Pastor from a Host Church

The Impact on a Host Church and Community

Students on SERVE are helping to transform communities and congregations across North America. Together, Youth Unlimited and local churches work together to share the love of Christ with those in our own backyards. More than just a weeklong missions trip, SERVE is an experience that will have a long-term impact on local communities and the people that live, work, and worship in them.

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