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SERVE is a five to seven-day mission trip that sends middle or high school age students out to care for and restore their world in an environment where they’ll encounter the concepts of justice and missional living. More than just a short trip, SERVE is a faith-forming experience where the communities, congregations and students involved all experience lasting transformation. Prices vary, starting at $290 USD.

Students on SERVE participate in revitalizing communities, showing compassion for the marginalized, caring for creation, providing recreation for children, performing acts of kindness and sharing the gospel. SERVE is all about joining with God and a local congregation in the renewal of all things.

SERVE is not just a week-long trip. It’s about transformation that lasts a lifetime!


“SERVE gives an opportunity for teens of all skill levels to go serve Christ in an appropriate, structured setting and stretches us to learn more about our walk with God.”

– Student at Sioux Falls, SD SERVE

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“I went on SERVE when I was in high school, and it really changed my walk with God in a positive way . . . making it real and really kicking off a service aspect in my life. Having just come from a SERVE experience some 20 years later, I can testify to the same results both in the students’ lives and a re-energizing in my own. I thank and praise God for SERVE!”

– Youth Leader at Crown Pointe, IN SERVE

 “Everyone bonds the first day. You don’t have to be nervous going because you know you will meet people right away. You get out of your comfort zone, which isn’t easy to do, but on SERVE you can.”

– Student at Battle Creek, MI SERVE

“At Youth Unlimited, organization is one of their greatest strengths. I always receive information in the mail prior to a trip that lets me know about all the expectations and information I need to know so I feel more prepared to serve.”

– Youth Leader from Alberta, Canada SERVE

“SERVE started a momentum in our congregation that is like a mini revival. I’ll have to determine how to make the most of it throughout the rest of the year.”

– Pastor from a Host Church



SERVE Sites are a one-week mission experience hosted by a local church that requests 40 – 100 students from four or more sending churches to help with their community outreach and revitalization.

Custom SERVE

For larger groups, those looking to build their own group dynamic, those planning a multi-generational trip or any others in a unique situation, customizing SERVE gives youth leaders the chance to set dates, modify the schedule, lead their own worship sessions, etc. while Youth Unlimited supplies the key values found in all of our faith-forming experiences.


It’s all about assisting churches. When you send your students to a SERVE experience you can be sure there are local churches involved in hosting the week. Those local churches are involved in sustainable community outreach and will share their passion for their community with your students. The environment set for your students will increase their passion for their own congregation and community.

SERVE will also introduce your students to the concepts of justice and missional living. At any SERVE experience you and your students will be introduced to and involved in one or more of the following types of service work:

  • Community Revitalization
  • Compassion for the Marginalized
  • Creation Care
  • Recreational Ministry for Children
  • Acts of Kindness

SERVE has a great post-trip process for taking a new passion for community outreach home to your own church. Contact the Youth Unlimited Office to learn more.